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Question: Is it okay to orgasn during pregnancy? I read on the Internet that it can cause contractions or bleeding.

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Answer: Yes dear, you have read it right. Orgasm can cause complications so its better to consult with your doctor whether sex is safe for you or not.
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Question: having pomogranate is considered safe during pregnancy? Read that the juice leads to uterine contractions
Answer: hii....nd now rule has been changed...u will get 6 month paid leave.....they cant deny....
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Question: Internet radiation affects the baby in Womb? As i read in article that pregnant women should avoid internet radiation.
Answer: Excessive iseage of phone or net is harmful for the baby. Better to aviod.
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Question: can I use phn or Internet during pregnancy
Answer: Yes you can very well use it as in today's time it's hard to avoid it however avoid using it during night as it might overtire you resulting in sleeplessness.
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Question: Bleeding during pregnancy can cause harm to baby?
Answer: Bleeding may occur due to various reasons. First consult gynocologist for good treatment.
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