21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is it okay to do eyebrows shaping and upper lips while pregnant.. will it hurt baby also

Answer: It won't hart any one it's just a kind of old believes. You can do it anytime you need just use good moisturizer and sunscreen if you are going outside.
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Question: 15th week pregnant...are getting eyebrows and upper lips done harmful for baby in any way.... heard tat while the eyebrow and upper lip hair is plucked...it pricks the baby simultaneously....is this true???
Answer: No base in such talks. Baby is very much safe in the amniotic fluid..
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Question: Hello everyone.. iam in 13th week pregnant, shall i do threading eyebrows n waxing, is it hurt baby?
Answer: Hi dear it will not give any affect to ur baby dear u can surely go for these treatment. Nothing to worry. U can surely enjoy this time of pregnancy.
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Question: I m 21 weeks pregnant...I often change position while sleeping...will it hurt my baby??
Answer: Hi dear congrats, Don't worry it's common. And your baby is well protected in amniotic sac and your movements doesn't effect it. Take care
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