18 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is it ok to watch tv while lying straight?

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Answer: Hi yes dear its absolutely fine but dont lydown straight rather it's better to sit in slanting position with pillows behind your back that will be more comfortable for you..
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    Sneha Bhasin892 days ago

    Ok dear. Thanks a lot

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Question: Is it ok to have gulkand while pregnant?
Answer: Congratulations for pregnancy Dear if ur sugar level s normal u can take gulkand but in a limited quanity only try it Gulkand can help to lower down the acidity problem, stress and constipation problems during which are very common during pregnancy
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Question: Doctor,while lying on bed I feel less movement of baby while sitting I feel movement of baby more.is it is ok or not.also I am having low lying placenta
Answer: Absolutely fine dear. It's not compulsory that only in sitting position we will get proper baby movement. There are many women who feel more baby movement while sitting or standing rather than in sleeping position. Don't worry.
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Question: Is it ok to take sweet once in a while?
Answer: Yeah you can take sweets once in a while. but if you have diabetic problem then you should not take any sweets this will hire your sugar levels
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