15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is it ok to take fennel seeds during pregnancy. I m 15 weeks pregnant

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Answer: During pregnancy, fennel seeds are recommended in very small amounts because they are a natural emmenagogue which basically means that they help trigger or increase menstrual flow. . You can add a small amount of these seeds, for instance, 1 teaspoon to your food. Your doctor can help you understand how much fennel seeds you should be consuming basis your health requirements and conditions
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Question: Is it safe to consume fennel seeds ( Sauf) during pregnancy?
Answer: it is believed that having fennal seeds in pregnancy could be extremely harmful to ur unborn baby beacuse of its emmenagogue effects. having fennel seeds can trigger menstrual flow which is potential threat to ur pregnancy and could lead to miscarriage.
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Question: Can i eat fennel seeds during pregnancy
Answer: Eating in small proportion is OK but consumption of large amount fennel sedds are not suggestible
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Question: It is safe ti eat fennel seeds during pregnancy?
Answer: Yes its safe bt in moderate . U can hve it like mouthfresher ..
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