12 months old baby

Question: is it ok to take babies to movies

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Answer: yes you can go to movie with your baby.
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    Manvitha N1023 days ago

    is sounds effect hearing

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Question: is it safe to watch movies in theatre during 3rd trimester?? plss want to know... will it affect the babies
Answer: Yes dear its safe...if u feel comfortable u can go. The baby might feels vibrations from the loud sounds nd become exicited but nothing 2 worry abt...enjoy the movie..tc..
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Question: Is it ok to watch horror movies in this time?
Answer: No, it's not at all advised.... Watch pleasant movies... Listen to melody music... Read some good books... Be positive.... Love yourself n ur partner
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Question: Is it ok to watch movies in theatre in 5th month??
Answer: The type of movie is related to your emotions and feelings and the feelings and emotions you will have during pregnancy your baby will also have, same the sound you hear will also be heard by your baby; that's why loud sounds are not safe during pregnancy.
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