39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is it OK to sleep on both sides?

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Answer: Yes, it's OK to sleep on both sides.. It's better to sleep more on left side which increases good blood supply... Bt u can also sleep on right side too.. There is noo effect.. Bt avoid sleeping on your back because the weight of ur belly (growing foetus) effect your back.. So may expect severe back pain ...bt good to sleep on both sides. You can also use pillows between ur legs for relaxation...
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Question: Is it necessary to lie on both sides only after waking up and siting?? During sleep?
Answer: Hii dear. Sleeping on back can affect some of ur blood vessel  which can disrupt the flow of blood to ur baby and also give u. Short breathlessness , nausea and dizziness. U should sleep on sides. Specially from ur second trimester. It's ok as while sleeping u comes to starting position but as soon as u feel so do change the position to sides. First trimester u can consider is as ur practice period for ur sleeping position.u should sleep on left side preferably  as it will provide a proper neutrients to ur baby and u will have a proper blood flow. U can breath well also . If u get sleeping in one side then u can sleep on right side but avoid sleeping straight.
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Question: is it fine to sleep on back at 12 weeks.. am not able to sleep on sides.. is it ok!?
Answer: Don't sleep on your back dear it's not good. It effects the back bone dear. Sleep left side which helps in increasing oxygen and blood flow to your baby. You can even sleep on right side also. Use a pregnancy pillow dear.
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Question: I can't sleep on both of sides actually pain occures on both sides
Answer: U have to sleep on ur left side dear...and if u are not comfortable in sleeoeither in left or right side then please take help of the pillows but try to lie on ur left side.
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