7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is it OK to sleep on back and on right side during first trimester??? I please Tel me??

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Answer: Dear yes you can sleep for some duration on your back and on right side because it is actually impossible to sleep on left side the entire time. Usually when you sleep after dinner or even lunch sleep on left side first as it helps in digestion. And later keep changing the sides based on your comfort. Also keep a pillow between your legs and keep the legs bent that will give you relief. Hope it helps.
Answer: Iam two months pregnant but i don't have any symptoms .... so plz clear me
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Question: I am not so comfortable to sleep on my left .and I feel to sleep on my right side .is it ok to sleep on right side
Answer: Yes it's definitely good to sleep on your right side as well in my pregnancy I used to switch my side from right to left and left to right several times never had any issue just avoid sleeping on your back or on your stomach
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Question: Is it ok to sleep on back during first trimester of pregnancy???
Answer: No, the right position to sleep in whole pregnancy is left side, keep pillows under your legs for comfort.
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Question: Is it ok to sleep on stomach in first trimester?
Answer: Hi No dear you should never sleep on your stomach during pregnancy During the initial stage of pregnancy that would be from 1st to 4th month You can sleep straight or on your sides Just avoid sleeping on your stomach But as pregnancy progress 4th to 5th month onwards it would be best for you and your baby to sleep on your sides As sleeping straight would add to the pressure on your veins, spine and back muscles which might lead to back pain and lower body pain Hence it is best to sleep on your sides more so on your left side as it not only aids digestion but also helps to supply more blood and nutrients to the placenta and baby
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