12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is it ok to have tomato sauce,soya sauce and chill sauce of market??

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Answer: No all contains preservatives to keep it safe, and varieties of chemicals use in it. Sometimes you can enjoy outside food but not for everyday.
Answer: Hi,you should avoid any sauce because it has extra salt and sugar and so it is not a healthy thing.better to avoid.
Answer: Yeas u can...bt in moderation...don't make it a part of it daily diet as it may cause digestive problems...
Answer: U shld avoid it..bcz some extrnl fd may affect the baby
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Question: Is it safe to have soya sauce during pregnancy??
Answer: it is better to avoid soya sauce ajinomoto and other Chinese items completely during your pregnancy they are nowhere healthy or nutritious to your baby you can skip adding them to your dish that you make and have .... do avoid tomato ketchup and soya sauce ..
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Question: Mam is soya sauce, vinegar, red chili sauce, tomato sauce safe during pregnancy????
Answer: No dear, these all contains preservatives, which is harmful, if you have carve to eating fast food, sometimes you can enjoy but not everyday.
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Question: Can I eat sauce like tomato sauce soya sauce
Answer: Hey dear , congrats hope you are enjoying your pregnancy. It is very important to maintain a healthy diet in pregnancy for healthy development of your baby. We all know yaar all the sauce are full of preservatives and artificial colour which is really bad for your baby. Once in a while small portion you can eat but not on regular basis or in your daily food. Hope it will help.
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