2 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is it ok to have light cramps during early pregnancy

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Answer: Yes perfectly ok as long as you dont have any discharge
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Question: Is it normal to have lower abdominal pain like period cramps during early pregnancy?
Answer: mild tummy cramps are a normal part of early pregnancy. ... Some women get cramps witha little bleeding when the embryo implants itself into the wall of the womb. This happens at roughly the same time your period would normally start.
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Question: Is it normal to have cramps during early pregnancy?Is it a symptom?
Answer: Hi dear.. yes mild cramps are normal im early stage. But if u have bleeding along with the cramps then u need to consult your doctor immediately. Drink more water, avoid journey and lifting weights.
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Question: Is it ok to have mangoes during early pregnancy?
Answer: Hi.. Yes, mangoes are rich sources of vitamin C.. You can have them.. But, you should not have them in excess as it might lead to loose motions... Other than this, mangoes should be consumed with other fruits.. Not alone..
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