4 months old baby

Question: Is it OK to give pacifier to baby when she sucks her fingers nd thumb?

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Answer: Hii Pacifier is not good for health. . I will personally advise u to avoid taking Pacifier . That is the main reason if many types of infection in baby . Pacifier can be still fine if baby is taking it till 6 months as till that they can stay in one place and we can assure its hygiene. But once he will start walking or rolling then it will be impossible to maintain Pacifier hygiene. Sucking on a pacifier can easily become a habit, and many parents don't introduce one because they don't want to deal with having to take it away later  Don't give a pacifier to a baby who is having problems gaining weight. So if your baby is having difficulty nursing (or if you're having trouble maintaining your milk supply), it's probably best to do without a pacifier, at least for now. You'll also want to consider having your baby go without a pacifier if he's had repeated ear infections. If you can maintain Pacifier u can buy Philips or chicco U can make baby wear mittens so dat c ll not suck fingers.
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Question: My daughter s 5 months old n she sucks her finger. S it ok to give pacifier . Pls suggest
Answer: It's quite normal to have sucking reflex being stronger in 4-6 month kid. As they start teething inside their gums..Keep drooling,saliva drips continuously..they put each and every thing into their mouth and licks their hands as if it's a lollipop. It's all normal. Avoid pacifier, as it might lead to stopping of hunger signs and if child becomes habituated , it's quite difficult to get rid of it. Just make sure to keep the hands of your baby clean. And add bib so. that he doesn't spoil the cloths
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Question: My baby sucks her hand continuously.. when we carry her she sucks on our shoulder.. can i give her a pacifier?
Answer: You can give teather instead of specifier. Because some people say specifier causes criss cross teeth formation.
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Question: My baby sucks thumb always. It is safe to use a Pacifier for?
Answer: Please do not use pacifier as I think it's not good for babies. There could be numerous reasons for a baby sucking their thumb. From beating away boredom to keeping anxiety at bay, it helps your child cope with the environment. While many parents look down upon it, it is actually an act of emotional maturity. It is a sign that the child is asserting independence. Rather than crying or seeking you out, they have used their own resources to adapt to their surroundings. most kids stop it on their own after they are five years old.
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