6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is it Ok to eat raw onion during pregnancy? Like in salad or as garnishing?

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Answer: Ofcourse you can. But keep a limit on your sugar intake.
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Question: Can i eat raw onion and tomato in salad during first trimester of pregnancy
Answer: Hi dear, don't take any vegetables raw during pregnancy.
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Question: Does eating raw onion as salad causes constipation??
Answer: Yes, you can eat. This can only change ur breastmilk taste. So If your baby like the taste during breastfeeding, you can continue, If don't like avoid to eat before breastfeeding.
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Question: 5 Week Pregnancy - Is it good to eat raw vegetables like cabbage etc in salad ? Also is it good to eat boiled veg such as boiled broccoli etc ?
Answer: Hello dear. Avoid eating raw cabbage but yes tomatoes, carrots, beetroot, cucumber are good and rich in fiber. Yes broccoli boiled can be eaten and is extremely healthy. Hope it helps.
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