37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is it OK to do all work in home while my back is paining?

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Answer: Consult ur dr regarding this nd back pain is normal at that tym even am also facing same problem nd doing all work in my home as there is no any supporter am living along with my hubby
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Question: Hello, I wanted to know that while planning for pregnancy is it ok to do all kind of house work?
Answer: Hi Dear, Yes, you can do normal works. Don't make too much stress works it will change your menstrual cycle. Moderate levels of exercise and household works will makes your body ready to conceive.
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Question: In this time while baby is moved in stomach is paining is it ok
Answer: Hello dear, Unfortunately, It is normal for the baby's movements to sometimes hurt the mummy, when the baby has a foot or arm pressed against the ribs, pelvic or abdomen, The pain can feel sharp or dull, or you may feel numbness. your baby's movements may actually be a sign that he's doing well. During your second trimester, This is because his growing muscles are becoming stronger, making his movements more powerful.
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Question: i do lots of work at home is it ok on my 3 month pregnancy
Answer: It's even good for you. The more active u get during pragnancy , there are more chances to a normal delivery. Par jyada Vajan uthane se bachna. Aur pairo par mat baithna, balki aalki palki ya chair par baithna
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