Few weeks old baby

Question: Is it ok if we apply Kohl on baby eyes?

2 Answers
Answer: Hi dear, Avoid applying anything to baby eyes.i know olden days our mothers have put Kajal but these days everything is adulterated and it's not safe to put anything in eyes.
Answer: Hi. No doctors strictly says no to it. As it can irritate baby. Also they are not safe.
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Question: For gray hairs can we apply Heena or Rangoli mahandi..Does it effect the baby eyes.. elderly ppl says that if we apply the baby gets the cat eyes..is right..if not by which the baby get cat eyes?
Answer: Ok...Fine...Then due to wht? The baby gets cat eyes...
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Question: Hi... Is it true... If we put cotton soaked in Brest milk... On baby eyes... Then baby eyes become big??
Answer: Hi. Nothing as such dear these are just a myth.. So.dont practice any such thing with your lil one.
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Question: Is it good if we apply warm castrol oil in the morning on baby head
Answer: Hi.. Yes, you can apply there is no harm in it.. But, castor oil is warm and thick in texture.. It will be better if you use olive oil or coconut oil in this weather..
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