10 months old baby

Question: Is it ok if 9months baby not taking fm?

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Answer: OK.. U can add supplements like cerelac, fruits puree, vegetables souo
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Question: Was taking docosa fm till 7week.. now doc said take coepreg tablet is it ok....?? Will help baby ??
Answer: Hi dear,yes it is a very good tablet that helps for the brain development of the baby since it has DHA It plays a key role in the development of eyes and nervous system, greatly reduces the chances of heart related diseases and also reduces the levels of triglycerides in the blood. It also helps in increasing the hemoglobin levels of females.
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Question: hello frnds i m giving fm and bm both to my baby but i notice if he is taking only fm his poo is ok but if i m giving both usse loose motion ho jte kya kro mai
Answer: Hello, It's perfectly possible to combine breast feeding with bottle feeding using formula milk or expressed breastmilk. If you can, wait until your baby's at least eight weeks old. Combining breast and bottle sooner than this may affect your milk supply.Breastfed babies get diarrhea less often than formula-fed babies. Since breast milk is full of antibodies, it helps protect infants against some of the common childhood illnesses including diarrhea.
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Question: meri baby ki potty black colour with yellow poppy seeds h... is it ok or not?.. she is on fm
Answer: Hello! Yes, it is fine. Sometimes due to the fm the potty might be greenish or blackish.
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