Few weeks old baby

Question: Is it ok if baby hiccups after every feed??? She hiccups min 1 minutes,how to stop that?

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Answer: hi dear you make sure that your baby's head should be on high position than rest of the body while feeding your baby and also keep on protecting your baby is back when she got hiccups. don't put her baby down on bed just after feed , your supposed to keep your baby in upright position at least 20 minutes after every feed. And don't worry hiccups are normal in babies but you should try to avoid it.
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Question: Is it okay if I feed my baby after every 1 hr for 15 min. She vomits if I feed 1 side completely
Answer: Hi dear, its better to feed your baby after 2 hours of interval. don't overfeed your baby otherwise she will vomits.
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Question: How to stop hiccups.after every feed he get hiccups
Answer: that is normal dear , hiccups means baby is growing make burp properly after feeding ,hold right hand liitle finger for a minute divert baby mind.
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Question: My baby has hiccups after every feed. What to do ? Shall i feed again to stop hiccups?
Answer: Don't worry dear.its common hiccups is a gud sign for babies digestive system .if it's heavy then u give feed to baby
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