27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is it normal to not to have a strong craving for either salty/sugary food?

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Answer: hi dear yes very normal to have craving for Salt or sweet food. you can have it no problem but only if you have high BP or gestational diabetics u have to be careful about the food you eat take care dear
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Question: Hi is it ok to have craving of both salty and sugary foods at the 12 week of pregnancy?
Answer: Hi dear, yes you may have cravings for salty as well as sugary food but remember don't eat sweet food in large quantity as it may cause gestational diabetes. On the other hand eating more salty foods can cause hypertension. So you have to Limit your cravings and eat small portions of food in small time interval. Drink adequate amount of water and eat green vegetables fruits and protein rich diet. Hope it help you.
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Question: Why suddenly i started craving for sweets rather than salty food coz some days prior i was craving for salty food instead
Answer: Mood swings dear. In pregnancy nothing is predictable. You will crave for something and after half n hour you will puke with igs smell. So obe can never realy know what exactly is wrong
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Question: Hi i have strong craving for black cardamom. Is it safe to eat?
Answer: Yes but in small amounts. In sweet items like kheer, barfi, rice etc
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