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Question: Is it normal to have placenta position is anterior? What type of precaution we should take if ot is anterior?

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Answer: Hi dear , anterior placenta means that the placenta is positioned in the front wall of the wormb. If you have anterior placenta then it will take a little longer time to feel the baby s movements. Having anterior placenta dosent cause any problems to your baby unless there is low lying. So don't worry Take care
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    Nhi btana Ab855 days ago

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Question: pls tell what type of precaution should i take with anterior placenta with low lying
Answer: you have low lying placenta, don't worry. The placenta generally moves around the womb quite a bit during pregnancy and low lying placenta – even a very low-lying one will usually move safely out of baby's way by your due date. Here is the care tips, you should know.... Avoid sex because it can be cause of bleeding.  you can find some spotting also. Avoid heavy lifting and anything which puts pressure on your pelvic.
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Question: ....Anterior low lying placenta is problem..??? what type of care we should take plz suggest
Answer: Hello dear anterior Placenta is not a issue but yes low lying placenta is the issue you will need to take lot of care you will need to be on bed rest don't stand or sit for too long also make sure that you don't let any kind of heavyweight avoid having constipation and sex as well one of my friend was detected with low lying placenta and she was advised the above mentioned precautions
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Question: I have anterior low placenta..is there any risk..what precaution should I take.
Answer: Anterior placenta simply means the placenta is on the front (belly side) of the womb rather than attached to the back of the womb. Having an anterior placenta is normal and does not cause complications. Take rest and concentrate on your diet.follow clean eating and drink more fluids.take care.
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