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Question: Is it normal to have a 40 days perid cylce . Ihave been trying and now my periods starts after 40 days.

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Question: I'm trying to conceive... My periods cylce is 45days once... How to find out the fertile days
Answer: If your periodic cycle is 45 days and we divide it into two that is near about 22 or 23 should be the possible ovulation date so if you want to conceive you should have sex on the 14th 16th 18th and 20th 22nd day of your periodic cycle. Hope this helps take care
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Question: I have my periods within 40 days is it normal?
Answer: Yes dear some women to start their periods immediately after delivery it's not a issue one of my friend also had same problem but the doctor said that it's completely normal
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Question: Its been 40 days since my C section and I still have bleeding Is it normal?
Answer: Hello dear For most women, the bleeding that happens after a delivery (whether it is a vaginal delivery or a C-section) lasts no more than 6 weeks on average. Some women only bleed for 4 weeks, and some can bleed for up to 8 weeks.Some women will have bleeding  that continues for longer than normal
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