7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is it normal to feel so emotional at 6-7 weeks of pregnancy?i feel like crying all the day Especially i am alone after my husband goes for duty.Will this affect my babys health?

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Answer: Yes dear mood swings are common during pregnancy and it is caused due to hormonal changes. But you should stay happy as your every mood affects the baby. So you should be happy and fresh as it will help you and your baby, read some good books, listen to music, cultivate your hobbies which helps to maintain the mood, go for walk talk to your friends and family. This will help to reduce mood swings .
Answer: Yes... u have to feel happy that ur pregnant.. u know that while crying will effect ur health. But know ur pregnant it will effect both of u... control ur emotions.. phn ur frnds. After ur husband goes to duty. Be happy... drink more liquids... talk to ur baby when ur husband not present..Dont be stressed... sleep more.. watch t.v....listen some music..
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Question: Im 15 weeks now and I got few issues with my husband. He shouts at me and this cause me mental stress. Crying and all will it affect babys health??
Answer: Hello dear... Pregnancy is a wonderful journey in which women undergo lot of changes both physically and mentally,stress can caused due to harmonal changes as well,to overcome stress following will help Keep engage you in your favourite activities,will help a lot You can have your favourite food, may also help Sleep well, insufficient sleep will increases stress Start doing Pranayam,will helps you releive stress and keep your mind calm Listen to soft music,read good books it will too reduces stress
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Question: I'm 7 weeks pregnancy.. Im crazy about movies.. Watching so many movies.. Sometimes i am crying on emotional scenes.. Is it affect my baby?
Answer: Hi Dear, due to hormones... the emotions are on rollercoaster... do not bother. It wont affect baby but avoid crying and sad scenes... its time to be happy... go for comedy/light movies instead.
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Question: Hi i am 21 weeks preganant some times i saw the sex videos .is it affect the babys health?i am in mom home my husband not at all intrested in sex .
Answer: no it will not harm your baby.. however just don't insert anything in your private parts in excitment ..
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