6 months old baby

Question: Is it normal that the temperature of my baby's head is always more than his body temperature

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Answer: Hello! It is absolutely normal and common in babies. Nothing to worried . Take care
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Question: My son's head is heat more than the body temperature is it normal
Answer: Hello dear, yes it's common for babies head to be warmer than the body... there's no need to be worried..
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Question: My baby's head is having more temperature than body.  it's normal or no
Answer: Hello dear Don't worry.. Babies head are normally hot as comparison to the adults. Their cheeks should not be warm otherwise it can be an indication of fever. Please keep the baby under fan. As it is hot weather also, so this time child needs the fan and if you want you can use AC at 24/25 degree temperatures also
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Question: My baby's head temperature is higher than body temperature from two days. Is it headache?
Answer: Climate change symptoms. Put some oil on baby head. Massage slowly your baby head.
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