3 months old baby

Question: Is it normal my 4 month baby passing motion 4 to 5 times in a day??

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Answer: Hello dear Yes, it is normal to pass stool for about 4-5 times in a day by 4 month old baby. This stools only can help u in guessing that ur baby is taking proper feed because after every feed ur baby will pass stool. It is mainly because ur baby digestion is developing, it is not fully developed till now.
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Question: My 1 month baby passing grainy stool 4, 5 times a day is it normal
Answer: Hi dear, Yes,new borns do pass such poop.and it is normal.sometimes the poop could have grainy texture too.the color could also vary depending on the food mother eats.as the baby digestive system is still developing,most of the food gets undigested and comes out of poop.not to worry unless the poop is black or white in colour.moreiver formula fed babies get more gas compare to breastfeed babies.as breastmilk is easy on belly while formula is comparatively he'd to digest.
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Question: My baby now a days passing 4-5 times urine in a hole day... Is it normal???
Answer: Hi mum at 3 months baby should pass at least 2 to 3 wet diapers a day. so it is must to feed your baby frequently and may baby pass urine frequently as a feeding mother you should take more healthy and nutritious food drink more water eat more fruits and vegetables
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Question: My baby is doing green color motion 4 to 5 times in a day from 3 days .is it normal ?
Answer: Hello! It is a sign of mild infection. There is nothing to worry. Give the baby sips of ors through out the day . Also have curd, sabudana pani and dal ka pani. Take care
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