1 months old baby

Question: is it normal if one month old baby does not pass motion???

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Answer: yes
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Question: Is it ok if a baby does not pass urine for 4 to 5 hours ..She is a month old
Answer: Hello Due to the summer the baby sweats and gets dehydrated so passes less urine. You have to feed your baby every two hours regardless of day or night or the baby s sleeping or being awake. Breast milk is best for ur baby as it gives your baby better immunity. It digests better than the formula reduces constipation and stomach problems.
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Question: My baby is one month seven days old today he does not poop is it normal
Answer: Sometime babies don't poop for 3-4 days. It is completely normal. Just check whether baby is active or not. If baby is active then you no need to worry. Wait for 3days. Still baby is having same problem then consult doctor. Before that message baby tummy with warm coconut oil.it might help.
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Question: Is it normal if a 20 day old baby does not pass stool for a day?
Answer: It's absolutely normal not to pass stool on regular basis.
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