29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is it normal if i am getting pain on the left rib while sleeping on the left side?

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Answer: Hello! Yes, dear it is normal as the uterus is continuously pushing to make space for the little one. Hence try to take some pillows and rest your body on it. It really helps. Take care
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Question: I m getting back pain on left side on turning sides while sleeping,is it normal?
Answer: Considering you're walking around with a baby in your belly, it's understandable that you might be feeling some back pain. But just because it's to be expected, doesn't make it easy to deal with. Applying a hot pack to your sore spots may soothe muscles and ease pain, as can a massage. Ask your partner for a back massage. Additionally, if you're sleeping on your back or find yourself tossing and turning at night, your resting position may be to blame for back pain. Try sleeping on your side with a pillow between your knees to ease any spinal tension and promote proper alignment. it's important to know when your back pain warrants medical attention. If your discomfort is consistent and self-care doesn't help much, discuss it with your doctor at your next appointment. If the pain is severe or accompanied by vaginal bleeding or discharge, contact your gynae immediately. Dull pain in the lower back may indicate pre-term labor, which calls for immediate care.
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Question: while sleeping on left, i feel the movement of baby under my left side rib and now am in 21st week is that normal
Answer: Yes, very normal do not worry. Most commonly the movement of the bubbles are also because of acidity and gas which are very similar to baby motions. Baby mvenrbts are felt strongly after 20 the week A slight butterfly fluttering in your tummy, air gas bubbles moving in the tummy, slight stretch and relax kind of movements, sudden pushing etc. Take care.
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Question: Hi...while am sleeping lift side pain is coming on my lift Rib is it normal
Answer: Hi dear yes when you sleep in same position for long duration then this comes but instead of the sleeping on left you should switch to your right in between both the sides are equally good to sleep in pregnancy
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