3 months old baby

Question: Is it normal if baby sleeps through out the night for 7 to 8hrs and doesn't pee in that duration? How long and how minimum does a feeding session lasts for a 3 month old baby

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Answer: It's depends on the baby Every baby is unique.. no need to worry.. some babies will not pee while they sleep (like my baby😍) but when you wake up if you feel baby is hungry give milk.. they will drink in sleep also.. it's called dream feeding
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Question: My 2 months old girl baby sleeps continuosly for 3 to 4 hours without feeding in the night time, is there any problem without feeding for long duration.
Answer: My son also use to do like this only. I tried to feed him in sleep mood only.. he use to take milk while sleeping also .. just try to feed.. don't force..
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Question: Is it ok if my 2 month old baby sleeps through night and doesn't wake up for feed
Answer: Hi,no, dear it is very important for you to wake up the baby every 2 hours to feed the baby as it is very important for the babies proper growth and development
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Question: How long time baby should take breastfeeding? And what duration should be for feeding a baby
Answer: Atleast for 15min you should breastfeed a baby... Between 2-3hours gap
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