3 months old baby

Question: Is it normal for breastfeeding mothers to feel gassy. I've never had gas problem before. But now since I'm breastfeeding i feel very gassy, which is really uneasy at times.

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Answer: Hi! You may feel gassy but you can be rest assured that breast feeding is not the reason. Once you start feeding there are few things to keep in mind, your diet and loads of water. Hello! Acidity or gas is a very common problem during pregnancy and after it, however you can follow some things which will give you some relief; Please break your big meals in 5-6 small ones Dont overload yourself at a go Hydrate your self with more water Avoid oily, greasy and fried food. Have fibrous food which are easily digestible. You can have Buttermilk/ yogurt or a glass of cold milk. Hope this helps!
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Question: My 6th week is running now and I've very mild pain at my abdomen is it normal because I'm scared about ectopic pregnancy ???
Answer: Yes... It's ok that you feel mild pain in abdomen.
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Question: I'm 9 months pregnant n I feel very hungry but after having a small amount of meal ,I feel very uneasy. Is it normal .
Answer: Hello As ur body produces more progesterone it relaxes all the muscles in your body because of This ur digestion process can slow down this produces gas which cause bloating burping and hurt burns. Drink lots of water get exercise like walking stretching etc. Avoid eating heavy meals or spicy meals before dinner so u can avoid hurt burns. Eat alot of high fiber food.
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Question: Im 6weeks 4days pregnant i dont have symptoms of pregnancy but i feel very at times ... im very i had two miscarriages before ... i dnt hav any symptoms of pregnancy no vomitings nothing is it normal ??
Answer: Its quite normal not every women gets vomiting ,constipation ... Etc it depends on person to person ....feel happy that u don have such things
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