1 months old baby

Question: is it necessary to wake up a baby who is 1 month old and feed her every 2/3hrs even at night? sometimes if the baby is in deep sleep it becomes problematic to wake her up

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Answer: Hi, yes it issues very necessary to wake up the baby through out the day for every 2 hrs and feed him. The baby doesn't understand that he needs to feed and hence keep on sleeping. But once the routine is set for them, they themselves will demand for feed after every 2 hrs. If his feeding is good throughout the day and pee count is more than 6 than you can feed him for every 3-4 hours. But try to maintain a schedule of feeding after every 2 hours
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    Semanti Bhattacharya1252 days ago

    ok.. thanks a lot

Answer: i think it is ok to wake the baby during day but at night u should not disturb your baby upto 5 hours of sleep....because your babies sleep is as essential as feeding
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Answer: Hi ma'am yes it is must to feed your baby during night you can feed every 3 or 4 hours onceit helps baby to have good sleep and also it helps to avoid getting constipation issue and also it makes baby e skin to become dry so we must feed the baby continuously
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Question: Sometimes my 2 months 7days baby sleep for 5hrs at strech at night, so do i need to wake her up and feed her every 2hrs or is it fine to make her sleep?
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