5 weeks pregnant mother

Question: is it necessary to ve implantation i m 4 weeks pregnnt bt implantation hv nt occured

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Answer: Everyone pregnant is different. Implantation occur for some women not for all. Implantation is common. If you not have implantation then enjoy ur pregnancy.
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Question: it is necessary to have spotting during implantation ?
Answer: Hi! Inplantation bleeding does not happen to all. Implantation bleeding occurs generally after 10 days of ovulation, the colour of discharge is pinkish, once a perios is missed but around 20-22 days you can observe pinkish blood, thats implantation bleeding, here the fertilised egg gets attached to the uterus wall. It might show up for few hours or maximum a day or two. Good luck!
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Question: I m 5 week pregnnt but my belly is like 10 weeks pregnnt is this normal?
Answer: Hi dear, Usually baby bump starts to show up from mid of 2nd trimester.but your could be due to bloating or fat.baby is too small and uterus has not expanded that much to show your baby bump.
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Question: Hi..m 6 week pregnant.is it necessary to have implantation bleeding?pls tell
Answer: Not necessary .. some pregnancy can be healthy pregnancy even if no implementation bleeding ..
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