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Question: Is it necessary to take s bilirubin and TFT test for 1 week baby? What is the purpose of it?

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Answer: New born babies are prone to jaundice. These above tests are for identifying jaundice level in baby. Although it is common it is essential to get medication immediately. If unchecked it can become a life threat
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Question: what is quadruple test ??? in which week of pregnancy is it important and for what purpose???
Answer: it is a usually a test to read d brain development of a child.... mine done in last month
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Question: hi I am 18 weeks pregnant. is quadruple test necessary and at what time it requires. and what is the purpose for this test.
Answer: Hello! The quadruple screening test (quad screen) is a blood test administered in pregnancy, typically between the 15th and 20th weeks of gestation. Similar to the triple screen, the quad marker screen provides information about whether there is an increased risk for certain birth defects in the baby. You need the test or not, needs to be confirmed by your doctor. If your doctor has asked to do so, then you can go through the test.
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Question: What is the purpose of albumin ,creatinine,uric acid test? Is it important for pregnancy lady
Answer: Hello dear, yes dear these all three tests are important to understand the condition of the renal system of your body. Higer level presence of any of the above in your blood or urine indicates certain problem in the kidney function. So, to confirm that these are mandatory tests for all pregnant women. Hope I meet your queries. Happy pregnancy.
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