3 months old baby

Question: Is it necessary to take rest for three months after delivery?

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Answer: No. If u have normal delivery u can work out according to ur comfort ..
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Question: After delivery is it necessary to take birth control pipls?
Answer: Hi dear it is true that even if u don't have period u still get pregnant so it is very necessary to maintain precautions during this time. I m using condom . U can try any option to stay away from pregnancy. It's condom or pills depends on ur comfort.
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Question: is it necessary to take complete rest for starting 3 months?what about travelling by car during this 3 months?
Answer: You can carry out your day to day activities, no harm in that. Chances of miscarriage are highest during first trimester that's the reason one I'd asked to take extra care and rest as much as possible. You can travel within the city by car but If planning outstation trips then kindly avoid it or discuss with your doctor before travelling.
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Question: Is it is necessary to take pneumococcus vaccine for my three month old baby??
Answer: Hello, Pneumococcal vaccination policy refers to the health policy a government adopts in relation to vaccination. Vaccinations are voluntary in some countries and mandatory in others, as part of their public health system. Some governments pay all or part of the costs of vaccinations in a national vaccination schedule.
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