23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is it necessary to take a iron and calcium medicine????? We shall consumed it from food also

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Answer: Hello No dear, you need to take it as tablets. As you continue your pregnancy journey your body will require more amount of blood. So taking iron tablets is very important. Calcium is also necessary so don't skip any. Apart from taking these you need to include 2 glasses of milk everyday. Hope this helped you alot! Take your medicines properly
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Question: Is iron and calcium as a medicine is necessary to 2 year old baby ?
Answer: No dear... ap iron calcium dena hi chahte h to food de...iron k liy pomegranate Beetroot Munnaka Jaggery or b h bht kuch Calcium k liy b ap milk paneer curd or b rich calcium food h vo dijiye ap...
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Question: Is it necessary to take calcium & iron capsules daily
Answer: Hello, During pregnancy body goes through alot of changes. It is needed to build strong teeth and bones of baby.It is also needed for proper blood clotting,functioning of muscles and nerves,to prevent high BP in mother etc.If you do not have enough calcium in diet,the baby will take it from your body. It is really important for you and baby . So never forget to take your medicine on time..
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Question: Is it necessary to take iron and calcium supplements during pregnancy, actually after taking those medicine I starts vomiting
Answer: Hey may be iron is causing you trouble. I also have oral iron intolerance. Just stop iron for a couple of days to be sure that iron only is causing trouble. My doctor asked me to take calcium and folvite and to go through blood test. She said if it is above 10gm tgen I can avoid iron tablets till 7th month and if it is lower than 10 tgen she would give iron through IV. So you can first test if iron tablet is causing it and then talk to your doctor about it.
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