6 months old baby

Question: is it necessary to place pillow under my 4+month old baby?

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Answer: Yes..as your baby's head is soft...best is to keep rai pillow
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Question: My baby is 11 days old. Is it necessary to use a pillow for her?
Answer: Hi.. Dear you can get a round ragi seeds or mustard seeds pillow made.. For your baby.. It is nice will be good for your baby's head..
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Question: Is pillow necessary for my baby?
Answer: Hi.. Dear you can use pillow, you can use mustard seeds pillow if you want .. It is very highly beneficial and traditionally popular for babies. It helps to increase the air and blood circulation of your baby's head. You can adjust the contours of the pillow to shape your baby's head and prevent the flat-head syndrome.. You can make it yourself at home.. You can but it from any baby store or online..
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Question: Can i place head shaper pillow under my baby head he is 7 days old
Answer: Hi dear, to shape your baby's head you can use head shaper pillow but if your baby is not comfortable then use mustard seeds pillow to shape baby's head. Hope it helps.
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