2 months old baby

Question: Is it necessary to give PCV for 14 weeks baby. Doctor advice its optional and not require

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Answer: Dear PCV s a optional vacination but its nedasary 4 baby.The pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV) protects against the 13 types of pneumococcal bacteria that cause most of the severe illness in children and adults. The vaccine can also help prevent ear infection too.so consult 2 ur pediatrian nd go 4 vacin.
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Question: Pls help me, Are rotavirus and pcv vaccines necessary or optional for my baby...as government does not provide them, my relatives are telling its optional....
Answer: Rotavirus is mandatory and pcv is optional.....Which is advised to me by our pediatrician
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Question: Is it necessary to give rotavirus and pcv vaccine?
Answer: Its absolutely necessary to give...please don skip it..ppl will say optional...don believe it...recently u can also see ads showing awareness of it
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Question: Is it necessary to give pcv and rota vaccination at 6 weeks..or are they optional???
Answer: Every injection mentioned in chart is important for baby.
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