1 months old baby

Question: Is it necessary to give pcv and rota vaccination at 6 weeks..or are they optional???

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Answer: Every injection mentioned in chart is important for baby.
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Question: Pcv vaccine is necessary or optional?
Answer: Pcv vaccination gives protection against pneumonia in Children. I think it is little costly. If you can afford that I suggest you to give that vaccination to your baby. Prevention is better than cure..
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Question: Some vaccination are optional in government hospital they give only mandatory those optional vacation is compulsory or what?
Answer: Hi dear it is ur call as if u want to go for optional or not . That's why it is called optional vaccination as there is more of chances of baby get affected for disease if not take compulsory injection. So do take it
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Question: 6 month vaccination for baby is necessary or optional ?
Answer: Hi! At 6 months of age your baby is due for OPV and hepatitis B3 and both are important to be given to the baby .. Hope this helps!
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