12 months old baby

Question: Is it necessary to feed baby at the midnight?

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Answer: Hi dear, Once baby is been weaned,you won't have to feed at night ,post dinner.although ,you might have to give water ,since they get thirsty.but once the dinner is given ,babies won't need milk after that.
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Question: Is it necessary to have the burp for the baby after every feed
Answer: Hi. Yes its very important to burp your baby after every feed. . As while drinking milk your baby sucks the air too which is very important to burp and release out because if the air would get traped inside baby may face stomach pain and get colic which would be hard for you to take care of. So burp your baby religiously after every feed. Good luck.
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Question: Is it necessary to feed baby at night if she sleeps all through the night
Answer: Yes dear, baby feels hunger every 3-4 hours, but due to sleeping, don't want to get up. That's your responsibility to feed him time to time. No need to wake up, just lay down near your baby side and offer breastmilk, he will automatically start to sucking, when you rub your nipple on his lip.
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Question: Is it necessary to feed after 6.onths to baby??
Answer: Yes dear. You need to breastfeed in between the foods you give. It will increase baby's health and also immunity power. Breastfeed when the baby is sleepy during the day and also at night
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