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Question: is it necessary to do urine test in the morning only

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Answer: Hi dear,yes because urine test in morning gives accurate result .
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Question: Is it necessary to test pregnancy using morning urine?
Answer: Hi dear. Hope you are doing well. Yes i too checked using morning urine, it's said it more accurate. All the best.
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Question: It is necessary to test UPT with first urine in morning?
Answer: Hi dear, It is mostly preffered to use the heat urine of morning for the test as it contains maximum Pregnancy hormones compare to the urine in day time.over the night the urine gets concentrated and more and more Pregnancy hormones gets would be better to use that urine for the test to get a strong positive.else day time urine gets diluted by drinking water and the hormones might have flushed out through previous urine.if you are early in testing then this would be best sample.if you have waited long to test say 14 days post missed period then you probably can test it with any urine sample as body has been producing more and more hormone as you grow in Pregnancy.
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Question: Is it necessary to do pregnancy test in the mrng?
Answer: It depends upon the kit you are using and the amount of hcg generated in the body. Sometimes it may be a false negative in the evening that's why they ask to check with the first urine in the morning
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