37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is it necessary to do colour Doppler usg???? Why????

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Answer: Doppler ultrasound are always necessary during pregnancy. It uses sound waves to detect the movement of blood in vessels. It is used in pregnancy to study blood circulation in the baby, uterus and the placenta. When a doctor performs Color Doppler ultrasound for extra care of your baby it tells some important information about a woman’s pregnancy condition like – 1) Number of the baby that woman is carrying in the womb 2) The growth rate of the baby is it as per the prescribed cycle or not and if it is not then what treatment that lady is in need of. 3) When there is a confined flow of blood towards the fetus which can give rise to – Under Weight or low weight of the baby then what is needed Development is not as per the given cycle Size of the baby is not growing as mentioned according to the stages 4) To check the risk of stroke 5) It also shows the condition which is affected by the history of the woman with respect to miscarriage 6) If the baby shows less activity or movement from the womb 7) Any other medical condition with which the woman is suffering like blood pressure or like diabetes etc 8) If a woman needs extra attention during pregnancy then that is the first condition when a woman needs color doppler ultrasound.
Answer: Hi.. Dear a colour Doppler scan helps to give a clear picture of your baby's health and wellbeing. It is not mandatory, but will assure you and your gynaecologist about your child 's good health.. Therefore, I don't think that there is any harm in getting it done..
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Question: Colour doppler scan when to do n is it necessary?
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy and all the best for your motherhood. Doppler ultrasound uses sound waves to detect the movement of blood in vessels. It is used in pregnancy to study blood circulation in the baby, uterus and placenta . The sounds are converted into colors, so it's color doppler and this is done in the third trimester. Hope this information was helpful.
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Question: Dr told me to do usg obs colour doppler ,why it is,there is any problem?
Answer: Hi! Color doppler scan happens just to check the babies blood flow and how the blood is flowing into all the organs of the baby from your body so there is nothing to be worried about it will give a clear picture of the blood flow and nothing else is there is any problem doctor might help you with medication but there is nothing to be worried about . Hope this helps!
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Question: Is it necessary to do Doppler scan ?
Answer: Doppler scan can monitor the blood flow in different parts of the infant's body. Regular blood flow in the baby's umbilical cord, brain, and heart shows that the baby is getting oxygen and nutrients he needs by means of the placenta.
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