Few days old baby

Question: is it necessary to burp a baby after breast feeding ? my baby usually go to sleep right after feed

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Answer: Very much necessary .. coz later it might spit.. so better try and burp once so that food reached baby tummy fully
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    Priyanka Prashanth339 days ago

    Yes burp baby after every feed.. It releases air swallowed during feed..

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Question: Is it neccesary to burp a baby after breast feeding
Answer: Yes it is necessary as while feeding lot of gas goes inside so it is necessary to burp so that gas comes out.
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Question: Is it necessary to burp a baby if he goes to sleep offwhile feeding?
Answer: Hai. Yea. It is necessary. But no need to wake him up for d same. U can burp in sleep or u can burp before next feed
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Question: hi.my baby have 4month old.is it necessary to burp her after each breast feed..
Answer: Hello, yes dear it's very important to burp baby after every feed otherwise there are chances of gas and vomit. So avoid any such risk and burp baby properly after every feed.
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Question: Is it necessary to burp a newborn on every feed
Answer: Very much bcoz newborn babies intake lots of gas while feeding n if u Don burp tat cause stomach issues n baby become cranky n cry their lungs out
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