1 months old baby

Question: Is it nappy inserts safe for baby ?? Does it causes rashes ?

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Question: cloth diapers is useful for newborn babies?does it causes any rashes??
Answer: Hi...I am exclusively cloth diapering my baby. I am using superbottoms. They work for 3-4 hours during the day and 7-10 hours during the night time. Once time investment and really worth. No rashes and all because of that
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Question: Treatment for nappy rashes
Answer: Dear to cure nappy rash apply coconut oil on the area frequently that really helps.. also always make sure your baby’s bottom is dry and clean, so change your baby's nappy as soon as possible after she/he is wet. Clean your baby’s bottom using fragrance-free baby wipes. Then rinse her bottom with warm water and gently pat her skin with a clean towel to dry her thoroughly. Give your baby as much nappy-free time as possible to let the skin breathe air and help get rid of nappy rash.
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Question: Best Nappy cream for nappy rashes please??
Answer: Hi! If you want to try natural pls go for coconut oil, keep applying it on the rashes else you can go for Himalaya rash cream and give lots of diaper free time as the skin will be able to breathe. Good luck...
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