21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: is it imp to get NT scan? my doc din't told me to get it done

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Answer: A nuchal scan or nuchal translucency (NT)scan/procedure and Nasal Bone(NB) scan is very first scan to detect cardiovascular abnormalities in a fetus. they also look for the thickness of the nuchal fold and whether the baby has a nasal bone yet. An overly thick nuchal fold and/or absence of the nasal bone can be markers for Down syndrome. If any issue found in the report then doctor will ask for another level scans like Double marker tests.
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Question: My doc doesn't suggest me double marker test ? Recently my nt scan is done doc told me everything is normal is it oky to dont take double marker test?
Answer: Hi dear , don't worry if your NT scan report shows any abnormalities then only Dr suggest to take double marker scan. As you report is absolutely normal there is no need to take dual Marker test for further confirmation. Enjoy your pregnancy, hope it helps
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Question: Vat is nt scan?? Dctr told me to take it....
Answer: Nothing to worry. It's d normal procedure to take, they will CHK fr baby growth, for any chromosomal disorders. This may followed by double marker blood test too. This s normal, don worry.
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Question: What is Nt scan ? When is nt scan done ? Is it necessary to done for everyone ?
Answer: Nt scan is also like ultrasound scan.it will help to find baby's abnormal chromosomal,heart.it will done by 11 to 14 weaks.it is necessary for everyone.
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