29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: is it harmful for baby if i drink cold water or ice cream?please let me know..

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Answer: Dear cold water in winters may cause cold and cough and same applies to the ice cream. Having them is absolutely safe but in the corre ct weather. These days it may cause sore throat and severe cold. Hope it helps.
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Question: Can I drink refrigerator cold water after C-section delivery .it harmful for baby or harmful for me please reply
Answer: Hey dear.. Water is essential for the production of breast milk and in preventing constipation.. Since there is no evidence to show that drinking cold water is bad for you, even after delivery, so go ahead.. Just make sure that the water is not too cold, especially when you live with air conditioning.. and it won't affect on ur baby.. have a happy motherhood dear..
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Question: My baby is 3months old can i drink cold water eat ice cream and sweets
Answer: No. Breast feeding moms have to take more precautions as it directly affects your baby.. As for 6 months you should follow some diet.. Later you can try little bit. Drinking cold water and ice-cream cause your your baby cold and cough if you are breast feeding.. You can eat sweets which are not freezing.. And also in this season you have to be more careful..
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Question: Is drink cold water harmful for baby
Answer: Hello dear. Yes you can drink, it wouldn't be harmful. However make sure you're not prone to cold. Take care.
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Question: can i take honey and luke warm water in empty stomach in my my first trimester ? is it good or harmful for the baby ? please let me know
Answer: Hii dear. Happy pregnancy U can have dis in moderate about but I will advise u not to take it in empty stomach but take it in the other time of the day. Prefer taking spinach juice in the morning as it will help u out in maintaining ur hb level as well keep I full. Will provide required nutrient early morning. All the best.
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