Few weeks old baby

Question: Is it good to keep baby in diapers in night in this humid conditions. Reason why asking is that baby is in deep sleep and after she pee she remains asleep. We have to check every 2 hours. We are fine to check every 2 hours but till that time she remain wet and can get some cold.

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Answer: Hi dear, yes u can, make sure to apply cocunut oil on private parts before wearing diaper
Answer: Yea you can, as you said please do keep an eye on him
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Question: My baby is 3 months 17days old, even if I her well before bed , she keeps waking and wants she to keep breast nipple in her mouth and sleep, she becomes restless if I don't feed her every few minutes in her sleep. She used to sleep well and get up only two times in between the night. From a week she is doing like this. I don't know what to do. Please tell me what to do.
Answer: Hi dear Mom ..pls have some peteince.. may be she very comfortable to sleep like that . And even my son is doing like that .. entire night . Babies will keep changing sleeping pattern . Don't worry tak care
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Question: Till how many days we need to feed baby in sitting position. I had c-section delivery and my back is hurting after feeding baby every 2 hrs.
Answer: dear you do not need to feed the baby in sitting position you can lie down and feed the baby I have been feeding from the second day of pregnancy until three years and never had a problem
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Question: My baby is 7.5 months old, he will feel sleepy but he won't sleep till we rock in jhula. Is it good to practice that way or how to put him sleep.
Answer: Yes dea baby is too small to sleep on it's own u must make the baby sleep
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