26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is it good to have water soaked almonds daily during pregnancy??

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Answer: Yes, it is very good, you can take 4 to 6 almonds, soak for 8 hrs or overnight as per your convenience, Also you can include 1-2 walnuts, don't consume the water and the skin of the fruits. Any dry fruit should be soaked for this much time. Good for pregnancy
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Question: Eating soaked almonds daily is good during pregnancy?
Answer: Yes..just keep an eye on quantity dear. Minimum 5-6 or maximum 8-10 soaked almonds are more than enough for eating on daily basis. 😊
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Question: Is it good to have soaked almonds or I can have it unsoakd...
Answer: Hope you are doing well. You can have soaked one.. Its very good, it's a good source of protein. Take care.
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Question: Is it ok to have 10 almonds daily during pregnancy?
Answer: Hi. Almonds are warm in nature ao aviid lot of it. Have 4-6 almonds and that would be enough for now.
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