3 months old baby

Question: Is it good to give soother to 3mnths old baby.my baby is too cranky

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Answer: Hi dear, yes it is absolutely fine to give soothers. No problem in that.
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Question: is it OK to give baby soother to babies
Answer:  It's a good idea to wait until you and your baby are happily breastfeeding before giving your baby a dummy, pacifier or soother. Leave it for about six weeks to be sure you aren't interfering with your baby's breastfeeding routine. Most babies probably about two out of three will be content with feeding and cuddling and won't ever need a pacifier.thus if you can avoid then don't give soother....no need of such things...let things happen itself....no need to put additional effort as it's natural... Let it be natural..
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Question: Is it safe to give baby honey soother to my 3 months old baby boy????
Answer: Yes it is..but please see the purpose if it's really needed.when ever you feel the baby is taking the finger or gobbling the hand is a sign he is looking for feed. Latch them for couple of minutes and they will be alright..dats the best soother you can give your baby.
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Question: my baby is 1 month old. Is it OK to give soother to my child?
Answer: Hello! It is better to not give to small a baby. It becomes a hygiene issue and also they get used to it due to which they do not have milk also properly. Take care
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Question: Shal i give amla to baby.my baby is 15 month old and how to give that
Answer: Dear i gave it in soup. I made vegetable soupe with tomatoes, beetroot, carrot, spinach, amla, tulsi and gave it to my daughter. Hope it helps.
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