4 months old baby

Question: is it good to give jadikai and Masikai to 4 months baby.... what are it's positive n negative effects

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Answer: in siddha medicine these are equivalent to vaccination, I too was reluctant to use but after giving it to my first child I continue for my second one as well, very effective we give jaathikai- nutmeg maasikai and vasambu - sweet flag rubbed on a clean stone with breast milk it gives good sleep increase appetite and improve immunity I tell it is good because I have personally given and even now giving so don't worry no risk
Answer: Its ok to give but more than pinch... I have given it to my son after 3 months till 1 yrs.. But it included lots of other herbs too... Its called Ghutti
Answer: nutmeg helps in digestion n avoids cold also...dont giv much..only a pinch..
Answer: i don't know about that.. can you tell me what it's called in hindi
Answer: dont give anything till 6 mnths
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Answer: Pediatrics suggests that you wait until your baby is breastfeeding well and your milk supply is established. His 1-month birthday should be about right.Here are some Do’s and Don’ts to follow while using a pacifier: 1) You should sterilize it by boiling in water for about 5 minutes. 2) It’s a good idea to have similar back up pacifiers in case they get lost or fall off on the floor or street, just when you need them. 3) Getting spares will also allow time for their cleaning which should be done by washing them with warm, soapy water. 4) It’s a good idea to discontinue their use well before the child reaches five years of age. 5) Never try to force a baby to use it. If the baby doesn’t accept it, try other ways of calming. 6) Choose a pacifier according to the age of the infant. The one-piece model with a soft nipple is the most suitable of the lot. 7) Do not tie the pacifier with a ribbon or string longer than 6 inches as this is a choking hazard.
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