5 months old baby

Question: Is it fine to travel with 5 month old baby if he has eye infection

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Answer: Yes you can but take precautions and carry all the neccessary things such as diapers clothes muslin cloth blanket wet wipes formula milk feeding bottles and also take care of while travelling. And pink eye infection or conjunctivitis will settle on its own dont worry take care
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Question: how many days does it take to cure an eye infection in 5 month old baby ?
Answer: If it is an infection due to cold then it might take 1 week to 10 days to get cured.. if it is an pure eye infection without any cold then it might even take 15+days.. complete the given dosage fr ur baby.. but when baby sleep sideways at night the chances of other eye to get infected is more.. so see to that .. complete the dosage and check on with doctor again to ensure that the infection is cured completely.. Clean ur babys eye with normal water and ckean cloth.. this helps baby to get rid of eye pain if any.. dont clean with warm water when ur baby has an infection.
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Question: Eye infection of 5 month old
Answer: Eye infection in babies cause due to irritation, allergies or infection which is called as pink eye and is caused commonly due to viral or bacteria infection. You can keep the eye area clean with washcloth dipped in warm water, breast milk is best for infection as it has antibiotics to heal the infection.
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Question: Is it safe to travel in flight with 5 month old baby?If any precaution should I taken?
Answer: Yes it's safe, you can travel remember one thing during takeoff and landing you should feed your baby at that time this (feeding) will not create pressure on baby's ear.
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