5 months old baby

Question: is it compulsory to make baby slip in pillow..i have made her slip in mustard seed pillow for 3 months and her head is round in shape.. is it necesary to continue

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Answer: Hello! It is not necessary to. Infact till the age of one year, you can put them to sleep without a pillow also. Hence, if you don't want to use a pillow it is abs fine.
Answer: Hllo dear its not compalsary to use seed pillow...her head s round now...u can purchase pillow from market usme head ka shape bna rahta hai.
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Question: hello did anyone used mustard seed pillow for ur baby to make the baby head shape in round because my baby head is in flat so currently I buy the mustard seed pillow.does it make the Baby head in round and in how many month we can see the round head shape of a baby.please do answer sometimes no one is answering for my query
Answer: Hello! Yes, I personally have used mustard seed pillow for my baby. The skull of the baby is soft till twelve age of 6 months. Hence using the mustard seed pillow is really helpful in this entire span. You will see the difference by 5-6months when your baby's head will take a round shape. My baby's head was not round but using it helped to bring a good round shape. Take care
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Question: My baby is 1.5 year old . Her head is nit in round shape . Will mustard seeds pillow help her.
Answer: Yes definitely dear .I used dat only and my baby has round shaped head. U should use that.
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Question: my 3 months baby head is of cone shape.. although m using round pillow, how to make it round
Answer: It will b alright after somedays make him/her to sleep down on floor with mat
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