5 months old baby

Question: is it compulsory to make baby slip in pillow..i have made her slip in mustard seed pillow for 3 months and her head is round in shape.. is it necesary to continue

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Answer: Hello! It is not necessary to. Infact till the age of one year, you can put them to sleep without a pillow also. Hence, if you don't want to use a pillow it is abs fine.
Answer: Hllo dear its not compalsary to use seed pillow...her head s round now...u can purchase pillow from market usme head ka shape bna rahta hai.
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Question: hello did anyone used mustard seed pillow for ur baby to make the baby head shape in round because my baby head is in flat so currently I buy the mustard seed pillow.does it make the Baby head in round and in how many month we can see the round head shape of a baby.please do answer sometimes no one is answering for my query
Answer: Hello! Yes, I personally have used mustard seed pillow for my baby. The skull of the baby is soft till twelve age of 6 months. Hence using the mustard seed pillow is really helpful in this entire span. You will see the difference by 5-6months when your baby's head will take a round shape. My baby's head was not round but using it helped to bring a good round shape. Take care
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Question: My baby head is not round in shape so to make the shape of her head round Wat I have to do plz suggest
Answer: Hi mam most of the baby's head will not be in round shape so you can use mustard seed pillow this helps to make baby's head round shape and also whenever you are feeding a baby please hold the head in your arm this also helps to get round shape.
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Question: My daughter is 3 and half months old, her head is flat from backside. What should I do for round head. I am using rie(mustard seed) pillow since she born.
Answer: Try massaging her head in round snap during bath .and yes pillow is the best solution for her. The shape will be changed from 6 months onwards only so pls wait for the shape to change
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Question: my baby is 2 month 3 week old..his head is not in perfect round shape and also there is slight flat in his ryt side of head...can mustard seed pillow is now able to regain its shape??head formation is already done right???is it useful now???am very much tensed sbout my babys head shape..please help me
Answer: Hi.. Yes, it can work now as well.. Using mustard seeds pillow.. is very highly beneficial and traditionally popular for babies. It helps to increase the air and blood circulation of your baby's head. You can adjust the contours of the pillow to shape your baby's head and prevent the flat-head syndrome.. You can make it yourself at home.. You can but it from any baby store or online..
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