2 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is it compulsory to go to Dr. Just after u know about pregnancy..

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Answer: Hi dear, Not necessarily unless you have started your folic acid suppliments.you would need to go between 6-10 weeks of your pregnancy for your first transvaginal or transabdominal scan.baby heart beat is also detected during that time.if you have no complications as such you can directly visit at 8 th week.
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Question: Hello Dr, just wanted to know why red patches appear on my thigh, which turned black now....as i started applying Bio oil....just wanted to know whthr the patches will remain permanently or will go after pregnancy....Pls suggeat
Answer: It's common during pregnancy, you can use coconut oil, aleovera gel, Coco butter or olive oil to get rid of those stretch marks. If my answer is satisfied then mark as helpful.
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Question: Is it really compulsory to go for scanning in 8th week of pregnancy
Answer: If it is your first scan you should go for scan...because of checking for baby's growth.
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Question: Is it compulsory to have sex after confirmation of pregnancy..? If it is compulsory till which week?
Answer: Don't do at least 1 St 3 months after it depends on your health condition
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