35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is it common to hear the heartbeat of the baby from womb

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Answer: Hi dear, I doubt of it is possible to hear heart beat like that.but yes if kept a stethoscope ,you would be able hear it.
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Question: When I'll hear the heartbeat of my baby
Answer: Hi. In some cases it take 9week to get heart beat started dear. So dont worry and have pateince dear. You will get to hear it soon. Good luck. .
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Question: What is the name of instrument to hear baby heartbeat at home ? From which week it will be useful ? Any harms for using it ?
Answer: its fetal doppler...better not to use it...doc will say about the fetal heartbeat by 8-10 weeks through scan in antenatal appointment...so kindly wait for it...
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Question: When can I hear the baby heartbeat
Answer: Hello dear. Baby heatbeat arrives at 6 weeks and becomes visible after 7 weeks in the scan. If you wish to heqr the heartbeat you will have to wait till 18 weeks and use a stetescope to hear it at home. Hope it helps.
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