23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is it 130/80 BP rate normal during pregnancy?

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Answer: Hi dear, Try to maintain the BP around 120/80.youra is at present in safe level.i hope it doesn't rise up.also lower your salt intake and up your fluid content.
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Question: 130/80 bp is normal?
Answer: 120/ 70 is normal But in pregnancy it goes upto 140/ 90. Above this is considered high bp
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Question: My bp level is 130/80.Is it normal
Answer: Hello! It is on the borderline. Please try to make sure that it doesn't rise more than this. For maintaining the bp level, try following these. limit your sodium intake Take your BP medications Take rest No smoking and no alcohol intake Control your weight gian, don’t gain much Take care
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Question: bp 130/80 is normal or not?
Answer: hello dear Normal blood pressure is below 140/90 mm Hg. During pregnancy: Mildly high blood pressure is blood pressure between 140/90 and 149/99 mm Hg (ie the systolic or upper number is between 140 and 149, and/or the lower or diastolic number is between 90 and 99).is common ..
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Question: My bp level is 130/80 is it normal
Answer: Don't worry...drink more water and do meditation... breathing exercises...
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