22 months old baby

Question: is it safesending baby to day care or creche is as I want to rejoin my job .bt i m worried dat dey will tk care of my child or nt nd abt hygiene nd oll

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Answer: Hi dear, Choosing a day care for your little one could be parenting challenge as along with safety you also need to face a guilt feel.no matter what,there are many pros and cons: Pros- Child will get his own independence Child will be more socialising as everyday he gets to meet many other kids Child would also would be academic strong,as many day care starts teaching concepts and art Cons- child is exposed to more illness Child might learn bad behaviour.as parents have no protecting sheild in day care Parent child bonding gets low due to less quality time. Hygiene can be compromised
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Question: When can i send my baby to day care..is one year old child can leave to day care
Answer: Dear I would suggest you to wait for ur baby to complete 1 yr. The change to day care can be hard for both parents and child so while the 12 to 18 month range is the normal one, allowance have to be made for special circumstances. The Ideal age for the child to start the day care is above 3 years. The Daycare School for your child seems to be a challenging task. In my view you should delay it as much as possible. Hope it helps.
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Question: My daughter is not doing her potty to day... I m worried abt it
Answer: Hi dear, it's completely normal. My baby also use to do like this. Some time 5-6 potty in a day and sometimes no potty for 3-4 days. When I consulted doctor they said its normal.
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Question: Hello mam ,my baby is 10month old bt she did nt crawl n seat yet .m worried abt it
Answer: Hi Dear, Usually most of the babies will start crawling from 7 months. Some babies may takes 10 months also. Because of slow muscular development. Starts giving calcium rich foods like less quantities of dry fruits , you can make whole nuts powder and make a paste with warm milk and feed. You can give fruits like 2 to 3 pieces of apple, one small banana. Add ghee to his diet. Wait for one more month is any improvement on diet. After a month you can consult.
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